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  • Integrate small farmers into efficient productive chains, reinforcing an utter commercial cycle of their products:  Farming producer – Consumer/ Underdeveloped country – Developed country.

  • Base our activities on three main pillars to promote sustainable development in rural areas: Environmental sustainability -Social sustainability - Economic sustainability.

  • Stablish good rapports with small farmers to coordinate and seek constantly fair markets.

  • Build confidence in commercial relations to ensure social and economic sustainable development for small farmers, their families and their communities.

  • Integrate women into the productive-chain, promoting their important role in family livelihood.

  • Get a privileged position in the international market as a way to reach development for our company and all productive chain protagonists.

  • Offer a good work climate to our workers without discrimination in order to promote their personal and professional development by giving them constant personnel training.


  • We are committed to fostering the sustainable development of small farmers to meet their needs and expectations.

  • Participate in the development process of rural communities by offering them job opportunities through innovative business activities.

  • Give small farmers training programs related to rational use of natural resources that help them reach environmental and sustainable development.

  • Integrate non-organized small farmers into our productive chain by fostering associativity as a main tool.

  • Form leaders with higher and technical education by strategic alliances with technical education institutions.

  • Participate economically and actively in free elementary education as well as higher technical education.                     

  • Keep the highest efficiency and quality in our packing plant.

  • Offer our workers a favorable environment for their professional and personal development.

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